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Job Information

Management & Training Corporation Sex Offender Treatment Provider in Littlefield, Texas

Reports to the treatment administrator. Responsible for providing individual and group counseling specific to the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) in compliance with Management & Training Corporation (MTC), Council on Sex Offender Treatment (CSOT), and the Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) directives.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain core beliefs that people can change and have an inherent drive towards positive growth.

  • Understand and employ the Good Lives Model (GLM) and Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model (RNR) as underlying theoretical basis for sex offender treatment. Individual Treatment Plans will include goals and objectives, assessments, treatment progress and accomplishments.

  • Conduct initial and ongoing assessments using approved assessment tools to include STABLE, ACUTE, psychological tests, clinical interviews and other techniques designed to define treatment goals and strategies for clients. MTC will provide training regarding approved assessment tools.

  • Identify and outline areas which warrant attention and outline measurable and understandable goals in order to help clients learn to reduce deviant behavior and manage risk.

  • Ability to use operant conditioning, behavior management techniques, including the identification of target behaviors and the application of reinforcers and interventions.

  • Understand current research on sex offender treatment and how it is applied. Understand and use techniques to increase motivation for change (e.g.-Motivational Interviewing). MTC will provide Motivational Interviewing training.

  • Provide direct treatment services to include individual, group, and family counseling to clients and their families as needed.

  • Review and integrate assessment information to write and monitor Individualized treatment plans.

  • Coordinate referral of clients to appropriate internal treatment groups and activities

  • Monitor and review ongoing treatment or other needs.

  • Maintain and monitor confidentiality of clients and their files; audit files to determine that all services provided are documented; observe applicable HIPAA laws.

  • As required, maintain MTC data system and TCCO case management automated system.

  • Regularly evaluate client progress by completing monthly, biennial, and treatment progress reports.

  • Coordinate the mental health contractor regarding continuity of care.

  • Understand and comply with the rules of CSOT.

  • Attend and actively participate in staff meetings, treatment team meetings, case conferences, case presentations, staff development meetings and training activities.

  • Testify in court and other hearings as needed; respond to all subpoenas.

  • Promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate behaviors and intervening when inappropriate behaviors are observed; provide regular feedback to staff regarding social skills procedures and intervention techniques.

  • Maintain accountability of staff, clients and property; adhere to safety practices.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by managment.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Master’s degree in counseling, social work, psychology, or related field from an accredited college or university required. Must be a Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider, (LSOTP) or Affiliate Sex Offender Treatment Provider, (ASOTP) as prescribed ty the Council on Sex Offender Treatment, pursuant to the requirements set forth in Texas Administrative Code, Title 22, Chapter 810 or have a primary mental health or medical license and have submitted a qualified application for an ASOTP license. Clinical treatment experience with focus on group facilitation preferred. Experience in providing sex offender treatment is a requirement. Valid driver’s license in the state of Texas with an acceptable driving record required, unless waived by management.

Post Hire Qualifications and Training Requirements:

Upon hire applicant must successfully complete required pre-service and annual training requirements. Must maintain TCCO security clearance and required licensure.

Management & Training Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran