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Job Information

Management & Training Corporation Shift Supervisor in Littlefield, Texas

Position Summary:

Reports to the senior shift supervisor. Directly supervises the assistant shift supervisors. Responsible for the custody and discipline of clients in the facility in compliance with Management & Training Corporation (MTC) and Texas Civil Commitment Office (TCCO) directives.

Essential Functions:

  • Serve as shift supervisor.

  • Supervise, protect, instruct, train, counsel, and evaluate assigned employees and clients; schedule employees’ and clients’ work and off-duty time; assist in formulating security and work procedures.

  • Supervise and direct searches for contraband and provide security.

  • Supervise and provide custody and security of clients including observation of clients and clients assigned to work duty, which includes long periods of sitting and standing.

  • Perform specific security functions including “pat” and “strip” searches’, by squatting and bending to perform such functions.

  • Transfer and transport clients by walking, or riding in vehicles. Restrain and secure combative clients, as needed.

  • Respond to emergencies to search for clients, administer first aid at the emergency site, carry injured or unconscious clients, and perform use of force procedures, including the use of chemical agents to control clients.

  • Read, review, and properly apply information found in client records which is related to the clients health and safety and to the security of the facility. Provide appropriate information to other personnel.

  • Supervise the preparation and maintenance of records, forms and reports.

  • Perform specific duties if assigned to the following areas: unit, administration segregation and intake.

  • Conduct minor disciplinary hearings.

  • Promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate behaviors and intervening when inappropriate behaviors are observed. Provide regular feedback to staff regarding social skills procedures and intervention techniques.

  • Maintain accountability of staff, clients and property; adhere to safety practices.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Graduation from an accredited senior high school or equivalent or GED. One (1) years of correctional custody, one of which must be in a supervisory capacity required. Valid driver’s license in the state of Texas with an acceptable driving record required, unless waived by management.

Post Hire Requirements:

Upon hire applicant must successfully complete required pre-service and annual training requirements. Must successfully pass an annual background check.

Management & Training Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran